Sep 24

Insanity Results – Here’s How I Lost 27 Pounds In 60 Days!

Insanity is one of the most popular home fitness workouts out there along with P90X. These workouts among many others are created by a company called Beachbody. In case you don’t know much about any of these workouts, a lot of celebs and personalities are following them. For example, Pink has publicly said that she got in that great shape with P90X. Michelle Obama also uses it as well as many other actors, singers and pro athletes.

But we are here to talk about the Insanity Workout. The Insanity workout was created by Shaun T. This guy drew from his collegiate experience as a track and field super star and from many years as an elite trainer and put together the pinnacle of cardio training. What does this mean for you?

We’ll get into that in a minute, but let me say this to you: I’ve lost 27 pounds after doing Insanity! 10 of those were gone in the first couple of weeks alone. And, I didn’t do any crazy diets or took any pills or anything like that. All I did was follow the plan as it is clearly laid out for you. Not too bad, huh?

First, Insanity comes packaged with ten DVD’s, an elite nutrition plan, a workout wall calendar and very detailed fitness guide.

Basically Insane works like this: you follow the Phase 1 workouts during the first 30 days. These workouts last about 40-45 minutes. Once your 30 days are over, you immediately switch to Phase 2. Wham! Another 10 pounds gone like that!

Phase 2 workouts are a little longer and what this does is prevent your body from hitting a weight loss plateau. If you have ever tried to lose weight before, you know how depressing it can be when you try your hardest to adhere to your diet and exercise and then the stupid scale doesn’t move. Well, by switching your workouts, Insanity will not allow you to hit any plateaus which means you are going to lose weight no matter what. Are you interested in learning more about how easy it is to lose weight with Insanity?

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Jul 21

Insanity workout results

Insanity workout has created not only popularity among people but also fitness worldwide. It is irrespective whether one wants best results in weight loss and building muscles mass. The vital role of insanity work out is varied among individuals. There are those who undertake it so as to best shapes of their lives that encompass looking and performing. To some this program means achieving what they have always dreamed off and increasing their overall fitness as professional athletes.

Insanity workout results are only possible if someone if one observes a diet plan or eating healthy food and having a redefined eating schedule. A part from diet, the exercise is the most strenuous, difficult cardiovascular-based workout program. Their exercise utilizes the body weight as resistance. For better results, the exercise is done at least six days a week in which rigorous workout schedules that take 30 to 60 minutes are carried out.

The insanity workout is based on the traditional Max interval training whereby one exercises at a highly intense pace in a short time followed by long resting hours. Contrary, insanity workout entails working hard for approximately 3 minutes interval separated by 30 seconds rest period time interval. At times, one or two exercises are carried out at interval and little or no rest time may be allowed.

Though the insanity workout is not for the faint heart, its results are promising and real. The results of the workout are: decreased body fat percentage, reduced incidence of heart diseases, reduced incidences of high blood pressure, muscle mass and muscle definition view of this results, it is important to know is should and who should not do the insanity workout.

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